Welcome to the Pop'n Music Database!

This website is about the Bemani rhythm game Pop'n Music.

The purpose of this site is mainly to host character images and gifs from the games, but I hope to eventually expand it to be a reliable source of information about Pop'n Music for english speakers.

As of now, this site is a work in progress but I hope you stick around to see it as it evolves!

This site is best viewed on a computer!

🟊 THIS WEEK'S UPDATES — 03/12/2023 - 03/18/2023 🟊
  • welcome to this week's updates!
    not too much has been added this week but cool things are in progress!!

    - Judy's page has been added!
    - additional card scans have been added to Alphonse Michel and Yuli's pages
    - four more Waku Waku! Pop'n Manga translations have been added to it's section on the extras page!

    as for future updates, i have been planning on doing a site overhaul to clean up the code and make the pages more mobile-friendly. You can view the test page (for character pages) here and leave any feedback here if you'd like!

    that's all for this week!
🟊 THIS WEEK'S UPDATES — 03/05/2023 - 03/11/2023 🟊
  • welcome to this week's updates!
    many fun things have been added to the site this week!!

    - Sanae-chan's page has been added!
    - additional images and artwork have been added to the following character pages:
    Alphonse Michel, Ash, Ayumu, Betty, Bremens, Brown, D, Dave, Edda, Flow Flow, Fumihiko-san, Genroku, Gyrogy & Eva, Hina, Honey, Hot D., Hyato, Ice, Kabab, Kanoko, Kikyo, Lucy, Minit's, Mr. KK, Murasaki, Nakaji, Nickey, Pop'n Xmas, Prince M, Really, Rie-chan, Roku, Sanae-chan, Sergei, Silvia, Smile, Sumire, Timer, Titicaca, Tsurara ,W.B. Rose, Wacky, Yuli, Yunta
    (Mimi and Nyami have A LOT of assorted artwork so they will eventually get a page specifically dedicated to that!)
    - a new section for Waku Waku! Pop'n Manga translations has been added to the extras page!

    that's all for this week!
🟊 THIS WEEK'S UPDATES — 02/26/2023 - 03/04/2023 🟊
  • welcome back to this week's updates!
    it's been a busy week for me so not much was added this week

    - Popper's Lounge translations for Mimi/Nyami and Shollkee have been added to the Popper's Lounge page on the extras page!

    in other news, footage has been recorded for the reamining Mimi/Nyami animations (up to pop'n 16), as well as animations for Judy, Mary, the King, Dino, Bamboo, and Sanae-chan (also up to pop'n 16). Be prepared to see those pages being added in the coming weeks along with some other characters!
    that's all for this week!
🟊 THIS WEEK'S UPDATES — 02/19/2023 - 02/25/2023 🟊
  • welcome back to this week's updates!!
    lots of new character pages and some new stuff to existing character pages have been added!

    - pages for Flow Flow, Alphonse Michel, Silvia, Nohoho, Murasaki, Reina, and Roku have been added!
    - MZD remix portraits have been added to the 'other' section on Minit's, Charly, and Yuli's pages

    some of the other pages that have been requested like Judy, Mary, and Sanae-chan will take a little longer to put together since they all have a lot of animation sets. i will try my best to get them done as soon as i can but in the meantime, i will add pages for characters with less animations!
    that's all for this week!
🟊 THIS WEEK'S UPDATES — 02/12/2023 - 02/18/2023 🟊
  • welcome back to this last week's updates!!
    i've been so busy lately that i forgot to update on saturday! but here's what's been added this past week:

    - pages for D, Kikyo, Hina, Honey, and Kabab have been added!
    - Sumire's Kaimei Riddles portrait has been added to her page

    i have no classes this week so asside from some studying for midterm exams and finishing a project for a class, i have lots of free time this week and plan to add as many new character pages as i can!
    that's all for this week!
🟊 THIS WEEK'S UPDATES — 02/05/2023 - 02/11/2023 🟊
  • welcome to this week's updates!!
    a few character pages and some translations have been added this week!

    - pages for Hayato, Ash, Yuli, and Smile have been added!
    - Popper's Lounge translations for Yuli and MZD have been added to the Popper's Lounge page on the extras page!

    that's all for this week! i'm hoping to make more progress on character pages in the coming weeks!!
🟊 THIS WEEK'S UPDATES — 01/29/2023 - 02/04/2023 🟊
  • welcome back to this week's updates!!
    i was busy with school again this week so there's very little to update on

    - pages for Yunta and Brown have been added!

    besides that, i've spent most of this week recording gameplay footage to make into gifs so the next few weeks should have lots of new character pages!!

    thats it for this week!
🟊 THIS WEEK'S UPDATES — 01/22/2023 - 01/28/2023 🟊
  • welcome once again to this week's updates!!
    this week i've been busy with school so there's not too much to update on...

    - a new section has been added to the extras page detailing concept art, rejected characters, and other early art from some of the early pop'n games
    - pop'n 6, 7, 11, 15, and portable animations have been added to Mimi and Nyami's pages as well as some card scans!
    - card scans have also been added to Hot D. and Really's pages
    - pages for Bremens and Betty have been added!

    thats all i have for this week! next week i plan to make some more progress on the current requests!!
🟊 THIS WEEK'S UPDATES — 01/14/2023 - 01/21/2023 🟊
  • welcome back to this week's updates!!
    i've added lots of fun stuff this week!

    - Kanoko, Sumire, Mimi, and Nyami's pages have been added! Mimi and Nyami's pages only have images and general info at the moment but start adding some of their animations soon!!
    - a translated and fully interacive version of Sumire's "Top Secret Mission Report" (smr_box) site pages from the pop'n 6 website have been added to the extras page
    - complete scans of the Pop'n Music Character Visual Guide and Pop'n Music Super Collection have been added to the extras page (don't tell konami lol). they don't view properly on mobile but there is a download link on each page as well
    - i added a link to my personal neocities site on the webmaster page is anyone was interested on seeing it :]

    that's all for this week!
🟊 THIS WEEK'S UPDATES — 01/08/2023 - 01/14/2023 🟊
  • welcome to this week's updates!
    i don't actually have much to update on this week. i've been working on both mimi and nyami's pages this week but they both have A LOT of content so it's been taking me a while. hopefully all of the images on their pages (and some animations) should be added by next week's updates!
    anyway, the updates!!

    - Milly's page has been added!

    other than that, those pop'n books i bought that i mentioned last week should be here on monday, so i'll hopefully have those scaned and on the site by the end of next week!

    that's all for this week!
🟊 THIS WEEK'S UPDATES — 01/01/2023 - 01/07/2023 🟊
  • happy new year and welcome back to this week's updates!!
    i tried to add as much new stuff to the site as i could this week as i have started another semester of school :(
    future updates will be a little slower as school is my top priority and i have other hobbies besides running this site. i will still try to have at least one new thing added to the site each week, whether that's a character page, a popper's lounge translation, or game page (whenever i actually get around to that).
    anyway, on to the updates!!:

    - character pages for Ayumu, Charly, Mr. KK, Sergei, and Nakaji have been added this week!
    - Ice's second popper's lounge interview has been translated and added to the popper's lounge page on the extras page!

    as for future additions to the site:
    - for those who requested character pages for Mimi, Nyami, and Judy, those pages will come soon but all of them have A LOT of animation sets which will take me a while to gather. i'm planning on spending some time this weekend to gather animations so hopefully i can at least have part of each of their pages done sometime next week!
    - i recently bought the pop'n music character visual guide and super collection books and i'm planning on scanning them and adding them to the site once they arrive.

    that's all for this week! i hope everone has had a good start to 2023!!
🟊 THIS WEEK'S UPDATES — 12/25/2022 - 12/31/2022 🟊
  • hello again and welcome back to this week's updates!
    i've been working hard this week to try and get all the remining requests done and i'm happy to say that i'm almost done!
    anyway, now onto the updates!

    - Prince M, Really, Wacky, W.B. Rose, Gyorgy & Eva, Hot.D, Minit's, and Titicaca's pages have been added!
    the only requests i have left to do are Rie-chan and Alt but they're almost done!! on that note, character requests are open again! feel free to submit some more characters!

    you also may have noticed an 'extras' button on the navigation bar. that page will contain other random things that don't really have a place anywhere else on the site. the things that get added there aren't my number 1 priority right now, they're more like things i'll add if i have the time to. but for now, you can check out timer's popper's lounge interview that i translated!

    that's all for this week! happy new year!! i hope that pop'n music and this site will reach many more people in 2023!!
🟊 THIS WEEK'S UPDATES — 12/18/2022 - 12/24/2022 🟊
  • hello all and welcome to this week's updates!
    updates were a little slow this week as the holidays are approaching so i don't have much to talk about this time but let's get into the updates

    - a new section here on the homepage has been added for other Pop'n Music sites that are also very good resources on specific characters and games!
    - Ice's page has been updated to add his Pop'n Music 3 animations
    - Nickey's page has been added!
    and for the holiday season:
    - Dave, Tsurara, and Pop'n Xmas's pages have been added!

    that's all for this week! happy holidays!! (and if you don't celebrate any holidays, i hope you have a good day anyway!!)
🟊 THIS WEEK'S UPDATES — 12/11/2022 - 12/17/2022 🟊
  • before i begin this week's updates, i just want to thank everyone for the support!! i've been wanting to make this website for a while now so i'm glad that other people like it too!
    now onto the updates!

    - character pages for Ice, Edda, Timer, Nova, Vela, Fumihiko-san, Genroku, and Lucy have been added!
    - the q&a page has been added! read up on some questions you might have about this site!
    - webmaster page has been added! now you can get to know a little more about me!
    - i have a button now! you can get it on the q&a page! if you have a pop'n site, let me know if you have a button so i can add yours here!

    that's all for this week!
🟊 SITE UPDATE BOX — 12/13/2022 🟊
  • site updates box created! i plan to add updates to this box every saturday to briefly talk about what things have been added or updated each week. for specific updates on characters or games, you can check out the update boxes on those pages!