Shollkee Q&A

Judy Hi! Our second guest is Shollkee.
Mary Shollkee really has a devoted fanbase of both men and women. It must have been the desire of all those fans that brought him back after his trip to the United States.
Aya This call for questions was due to an error on my part, and I wasn't able to accept e-mails on the last day. We had to re-record it right before going on-air, along with the questions that were sent afterwards. Sorry to have you here twice, Shollkee.
Shollkee It can't be helped. I'm more concerned about the whole "Sexy Cat" thing.
Mary Well, from what I’ve heard, "Sexy Cat" is an evil organization that seems to be Magical Megu's nemesis. Apparently one of the Sexy Cat executives was responsible for the mail server hijacking...I wonder if that's actually true.
Shollkee Sounds like a pretty tricky enemy.
Aya Hey, hey, can I read the first question? “Where did you live in the U.S.?”
Shollkee I spent about two months on the West Coast as a vacation and then I moved around the U.S. doing some creative work. I didn't know until I got to New York that letters from fans were flooding into the record company. Sorry about that.
Judy Speaking of, here’s a question related to that creative work. “What do you do to inspire yourself when you get stuck in song writing?”
Shollkee I go bass fishing, visit musicians' websites on the internet, and exchange information through e-mail.
Aya So your hobbies are the source of your inspiration. Now for the next question, “You’re seen smashing your keytar. How many keyboards do you have?” That's right! I've been wondering that too.
Shollkee I've never counted how many I have. I custom order extra-strong ones, but I'm constantly replacing them when they break.
Mary Only the rich can afford something like that…
The next question is “What is your relationship with Ice? Are you friends? Close friends? Mentor and student?“ You have similar outfits and keytars, so people seem to be very curious.
Judy It seems that Ice respects you a lot, Shollkee. So which is it?
Shollkee We’re both musicians who have been working together for a while, I guess. We aren’t close friends or have a mentor-student relationship, but we do interact.
Mary This question asks, “What's your favorite animal?”
Shollkee I'm not a fan of animals that shed or are very dependant on humans.... There’s a tropical fish tank at work that’s pretty interesting.
Aya The next question is, “Why don't you show us your real face?”
Shollkee You saw it in Beatmania, didn’t you?
Mary I'm sure there are some Poppers out there that I haven't seen you in Beatmania...
Shollkee If you can imagine it, that's good enough for me.
Judy (Actually, he's a little sensitive about it. He doesn’t take off his glasses often, but when he does, he seems a little hesitant about it.)
Mary The questions are getting more and more personal, but I thought this one was pretty interesting! “You had a ring on the middle finger of your left hand, but you took it off in Pop’n 3?”
Shollkee I’d rather not get too into it… so I’ll answer it here, only. The ring was a gift. I don't wear it anymore because I am no longer in a relationship with the person who gave it to me.
Mary It was on the middle finger, so it's not really a wedding ring, is it? ….Well, I won’t ask any further questions. This next question asks, “Are you single? Do you have a partner?” We got a lot of questions like this, especially from women. Some girls were even asking to marry you!
Shollkee You read too much into it, Mary. I'm just a musician. Unfortunately, you won't get the kind of stories that gossip magazines want to hear. Oh, and I'm single.
Aya We were also flooded with questions asking, “What type of woman do you prefer?”
Shollkee If I had to say, someone who doesn’t pretend to be someone they’re not.
Judy That's a mature opinion.
Mary Last question, “Any plans for future appearances? New music?”
Shollkee Hmm…. I’m a little busy, but if I can make a good song by the next Pop’n Party then I’ll definitely attend. And how did you like my song for Pop’n Stage? I'd love to explore similar music to that, too.
Aya Lastly, like always, please leave a message for all the fans!
Shollkee Thanks for all the passionate messages. I’ll continue to bring you more techno sounds that will capture your hearts.
Judy Thanks Shollkee! See you soon!