Yuli Q&A

Mary Hi! Hope everyone is enjoying Pop’n 4 so far!
Judy Our 21st guest on Popper’s★lounge is Yuli, who is making a reappearance in Pop’n 4.
Aya Alright, let’s get started! Welcome, Yuli!
Yuli ...Thank you for inviting me here today.
Judy It seems that many people have been waiting for you to be on the show, so we got lots of emails of questions for you.
I’ll ask the most frequently asked question first: “How many members are in your band?”
Yuli If you saw last year's Christmas concert, you'd already know the answer to that, wouldn’t you?
Mary The tickets sold out almost immediately, so many people didn’t get to see it. Could you please answer this for the sake of your fans?
Yuli …Sure. Assuming you already know about Ash… there’s maybe a couple more.
Aya What’s with the vague answers?
Yuli Some people just can’t see the answer that’s right in front of them.
Mary What’s with that wry smile? Am I missing something?
Moving on, “You say you’ve been asleep for 200 years. How old are you now?”
Aya Ash once said something like, "As expected of a guy who’s lived for 200 years”. So were you sleeping all this time?
Yuli I think I answered this before... I don't know the answer either. I got tired of counting.
Ash is a recent addition to the group, so I can understand why he would think that.
I don't even know where my kind came from or where it is going, but time seems to move differently for vampires....
Judy Hmmm… Does that mean you were born a vampire?
Yuli Heh… Something like that.
Aya On that topic, there were a lot of questions about vampire habits. “You say you are a vampire, but you recruited band members who can cook. Does that mean you don't drink blood and eat regular food instead?”
Yuli It seems that your view of vampires is quite different from mine. I tried to incorporate the cross into my outfit as an antithesis to such stereotypes...
And there’s no better way to spend time than having a good meal. The same thing over and over again is boring. That applies to everything, not just food.
Aya So you only consumed blood before?
Yuli I'll leave that up to your imagination.
Mary Back at it again with the vague answers. Speaking of food, “What do you think of Ash's food? What kind of food do you like best?”
Yuli Ash's cooking is very diverse and interesting, as one would expect from a man who has traveled all over the world. I prefer light and simple dishes. Asian and Japanese food has been my favorite in the last few centuries.
Judy I love Japanese food too! It's always very healthy. The next question is: “What are the bats flying beside Yuli? Are they some kind of a servant?”
Yuli They’re “groupies” who followed me all the way here from the kingdom.
Aya Heh. I thought the bats were one of your people since you both have similar wings. Speaking of, “Are the wings on your back real? What do you do when you get dressed?”
Yuli My wings are very flexible. I don’t have to worry when changing clothes or flying.
Mary You came to this Pop’n Party in a new outfit. Some people asked: “Are you going to wear the outfit from the rejected designs section?” It seems that outfit was well received by fans who thought it was sexy.
Yuli Sorry to the staff who created the design, but I don’t like to show my skin in public... I'm even more sorry if it was well received, but I hope you understand.
Aya Anyway, “What was the concept behind this costume?”
Yuli This is the costume I had prepared for the ballad song for the Christmas concert. The other members also wear long jackets and red ties. It’s chic and shows off the deep red, which I like.
Judy I know Ash wore the same outfit for the Christmas and New Year's party. That was so cool! Many wanted to know: “What’s the meaning behind the armband?”
Yuli All of the members are unique enough to be able to work solo. They’re free to do as they please, but I only ask that they wear the armband as a member of Deuil.
Aya It seems kind of cold, but it also makes me feel like you’re very concerned about the cohesiveness of the band and all the members!
Yuli ...You can interpret it as you wish. Now, let’s move on to the next question.
Mary Okay, this is the last question. "Are you friends with any other Poppers?"
Yuli Another tough question. ......I’ve never really been one to get involved with other people, but everyone who comes to the Pop’n Parties is so interesting that I don't think I'll get bored of them for a while. I'm hoping to start talking to people outside of the band in the near future.
Aya Heh. So how was Popper’s★lounge today?
Yuli I’m not one for interviews, but I had an interesting time today answering the various fan questions. Plus, I got to spend some time with some beautiful ladies.
Judy I’m a little embarrassed now but I’m glad you’re here. Thank you! Any last words?
Yuli I may have talked a little too much... but I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you will continue to enjoy Deuil in the future.

…I’d like to say hello, too.

Aya Oh, Ash! Don't stay in the corner like that, come over here. Your fans will be happy to see you.
Ash …Hello. Sorry for interrupting. I just came to say that dinner’s ready, but I guess I'm lucky to be back on Popper’s★lounge.
Judy Yuli was just telling us about your great cooking skills. What’s up with you today? Don't tell me you came all the way down here just to say that dinner’s ready?
Ash No… We are shooting a promotional video for our next album at the studio next door. Even when I'm in the studio, I'm still in charge of the food. But I'm honored that Yuli complimented my cooking~ hehe.
Yuli …Don’t get too carried away with that compliment.
Ash Ah… Well, if you want, how about you three join us? I've made lots for the staff, so don't worry. Today's menu is ethnic with Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng!
Aya I've never had that before! It sounds delicious! Let's go, let's go!
Mary Well, I'll take your word for it then. That's it for the show. See you next week. Bye!