Aya Let’s start this week’s Popper’s★lounge!
Mary The long-awaited guest is finally here, the god of Pop’n!
Judy It’s MZD!
MZD Yo! Thanks for having me on the show.
Mary Thank you for your time, MZD. Are you ready to answer lots of questions from fans today?
MZD Ready as I can be.
Aya Okay, now for the questions! “How good is the god of Pop’n at Pop’n Music?”
MZD I’m great at it for now. If a song is too hard, I'll change it to something easier.
Mary That makes it pointless, doesn’t it?
MZD Ah, you think so?
Judy The next question is: “Why do you host the Pop’n Parties?”
MZD Everyone was making a big fuss, so I used it as an opportunity to discover some cool new Poppers.
Mary We also received many questions about the Pop’n Master who runs the Pop’n Party. First, “What kind of stuff does a Pop’n Master do?”
MZD Work.
Aya What kind of work?
MZD Creating worlds and stuff.
Aya As expected of a god! That kind of work is on a whole other level.
Judy The next question is: “Are all your subordinates animals?”
MZD Cats, frogs, dogs... anything goes. But hot girls are the standard.
Judy ?? The shadow behind you is gesturing something…
Mary Hmm… “MZD is so caring, even the animals like him. What’s his personality like? I don’t think someone who is liked by animals could be a bad person” is what this one says.
MZD Even if it seems like that on the outside, what if I was a bad person on the inside?
Mary Don’t be like that. All of us Poppers respect you a ton! Alright, the next question is about the shadow that was making gestures behind you. “What’s with the shadow behind you?”
MZD Who knows…
Aya “Who knows…”? Does that mean that even you don’t know the answer?
MZD Well, I guess it’s like an optional thing for a god.
Aya You must’ve not really thought about it much until now… whatever. An optional thing, huh?
Judy The next question is: “Is the ring on your left hand a wedding ring?” So many people asked this same question.
MZD Right on.
Mary Wow! I never knew. Anyway, “Is MZD your real name? Is it an abbreviation?”
MZD I mean, I guess it is. But does it really matter? Its just a name anyway.
Aya “Is MZD an adult? A kid?” We received lots of similar questions, but I think this just about sums them up…
MZD I’m an eternal kid. You don’t age in Neverland.
Judy “What’s it like in the town of Aoki in the Amazon River Basin?”
MZD It's great! Wanna go? But I wouldn’t recommend going barefoot in the river. It’s the Amazon River, after all.
Mary This is the last question: “I love that laugh! It looks like he's up to something!”
MZD That's a question?
Mary It's not an actual question, but I chose it because it seems that quite a few people were concerned about the way MZD laughs.
MZD Is that the laugh of someone who naturally oozes out nihilism? Even if I were plotting something, I wouldn’t tell. Everyone would die of shock.
Aya Maybe you really are up to something....
MZD So, do I get one last thing to say to all my fans?
Judy As expected, you know the drill here in Popper’s★Lounge.
MZD Let’s all get along! That’s all.
Mary Thank you for going out of your way to come on the show. I look forward to working with you in the future.
MZD Got it. Well, after you~
Thank you all for your hard work!