Ice Q&A (second time)

Aya Welcome back to this week’s Popper’s★lounge!
Mary For our 25th guest, please welcome Ice back to the show for the second time.
Judy Welcome, Ice!
Ice Hello!
Mary I'm amazed at how popular Ice is. The requests for him to come back were flooding the requests!
Ice That’s a little embarrassing…
Judy First question! “Why don’t you sing?”
Ice Straightforward question right from the start… I don’t sing because I’m not too confident in my singing.
Aya Next question: “What are your favorite and least favorite foods?” We got a lot of similar questions.
Ice My favorite food is soramame* soup. I guess what I don't like is natto with okra.
Mary What?! You don't like natto? But it's delicious! Anyway, how about another question? “You always wear a suit, but what kind of clothes do you wear as casual wear?”
Ice I usually wear something like this on a daily basis. If I do wear casual clothes though, its for a stage costume.
Judy Huh? This is what you normally wear!?
Ice Is that… weird?
Judy Nah, I don't think so. Anyway, many worried fans asked: “Why are you sneezing so much? Are you sick?”
Ice Thank you for your concern. Japan has terrible cedar pollen... I had hay fever for the first time this year, so that’s why I was sneezing a lot.
Aya Another question asks: “Which Popper do you get along with the best?”
Ice I get along well with all Popper’s, but I guess I get along with Timer the best.
Mary We also got a lot of questions related to Timer. “Have you had any difficulties as Timer’s producer?”
Ice The only thing is that he’s always restless. You can’t take your eyes off of him for even one second or he’ll disappear without a trace.
But other than that, he’s a quick learner when it comes to singing so there’s never been any problems.
Judy Where does Timer go?
Ice Usually buying a mountain of candy. If not, then he’s on the phone talking to Nyami…
Aya Is that why he didn’t come today?
Ice Actually, he’s in a meeting right now to discuss a new costume design, so I think he’s a little preoccupied with that.
Judy The next question is one we received a while back, "Who’s the white animal that was with you during Pop'n 3?"
Ice That’s P-CAT, one of the Pop’n Masters who runs the Pop’n Party. I was asked if I would help him during Pop'n 3, so I agreed.
Mary That's right. The next question is “What are your dogs doing while you are at work?” We received a lot of other questions about your dogs, but I was kinda interested in knowing the answer to this one too.
Ice Both Doris and Boris stay at home when I am away. My family takes care of them during that time.
Aya This studio has had elephants and lions here before. You could have brought them.
Ice They are so friendly that they'll get too excited if you bring them to a place with so many people. Do you like dogs too, Aya?
Aya Hmm… I think I’m more of a cat person.
Mary Aya, can you move on to the next question?
Aya Sorry! “What is your favorite attraction at Leisureland?”
Ice As much as I love rollercoasters, I think the thing I look forward to most when I go to Leisureland is the parade. Whenever I’m there, I try to watch it as many times as I can each day.
Judy Another question we got a lot is: “How old is Ice? Is he younger or older than Timer?”
Mary Ice’s age is a mystery because he looks so young.
Ice Do people want to know that badly? Well… I’m older than Timer.
Mary Finally, like we say every time, please say a few words to your fans.
Ice Thank you for all the support. I know I said the same thing as last time, but I hope to see you all again soon!
Aya Alright! See you at the next Pop’n Party!

*fava bean