Rie-chan & Sanae-chan Q&A

Mary The 5th episode of Popper’s★Lounge is about to start!
Aya This time we have Rie-chan, who’s been around since the very beginning, and Sanae-chan too! We’ve gotten many calls from fans saying, “They’re so cute! I’ve loved them from the very start!” and I couldn’t agree more!
Judy I look forward to hearing what you two have been up to!
Rie-chan Hi, I’m Rie!
Sanae-chan I’m Sanae. Thank you for having us on your show!
Mary Your matching outfits are so cute! A few quick questions about your guys’ outfits: “Rie-chan is known to make clothes, so were her clothes worn in Pop’n 3 also made by her?! Do you two always wear matching outfits? Are your clothes from Girly Candy?”
chara That's right! I usually make more coquettish or girly designs, but I thought it would be fun to try something simpler, so I talked with Sanae-chan about it, and we decided on country-style fashion.
Judy Alright, a question for Sanae, then. “What was it like modeling for Rie-chan’s fashion show?”. Some people also said they'd like to see the outfits Rie designed.
Sanae-chan Rie-chan is a very talented seamstress, so all of the outfits she made were very comfortable, cute, and fun to wear. If you want to see the outfits, you can find them on the back of the single CD that was released recently!
Aya Many people asked, “How did Rie-chan and Sanae-chan meet?”
Rie-chan We go to the same school.
Mary Next up: guitars. “What made you start playing the guitar, Sanae-chan?”
Sanae-chan Well, Rie-chan has always been good at sewing, so I wanted to have something that I was good at too! When I was trying to find something that I could try to be good at, I saw a girl who was good at playing the guitar and thought that it would be cool to be a girl like that.
Judy You definitely have a coolness that's different from guys! Hey, Rie. Sanae’s guitar is named Shiro-chan, but “Does Rie-chan’s guitar have a name?”
Rie-chan Of course it does! I named it Choco-chan since Reo-kun was the one to teach me how to play the guitar!
Sanae-chan Is that what you were thinking so hard about the other day?
Aya Well then, Rie-chan, “How do you improve at playing guitar?”
Rie-chan Well… I think Sanae-chan is the one you should be asking since she’s the one who’s good at guitar, right? I had been watching Sanae-chan practice since she started playing guitar, and Reo-kun taught me lots about chords and music, so I was able to make good progress pretty quickly. Hmm... I guess all I can say is practice and learn different chords.
Mary “Which cities do you visit most often?”
Sanae-chan Rie-chan and I often go to Shibuya. There are a lot of record stores there. We also check out the fabric stores in the area.
Judy “Rie-chan likes Sugi★kun, but is there anyone you like, Sanae-chan?”
Sanae-chan Hmm… That’s a secret♥
Aya Now I’m REALLY curious... The next question is also for you, Sanae-chan. “Is there a reason you don’t like people who smoke?”
Sanae-chan It’s because you can smell the cigarettes, no matter how far you try to distance yourself from them. I can't stand the smell.
Mary Alright, this is the last question. “Are Rie-chan and Sanae-chan friends with Sugi-kun and his friends? How did you meet?”
Rie-chan I was, and still am, a fan of Sugi-kun! But he and his friends were at the second Pop’n Party, and we talked to them quite a bit, so I guess you could say we're friends now.
Sanae-chan Me too.
Judy Finally, do you have anything you would like to say to the fans?
Rie-chan I wish I could chat longer, but I guess that’s all the time we have. Thank you, everyone, for sending in questions! I hope you continue to enjoy mine and Sanae-chan’s outfits!
chara I'm always happy to wear the cute outfits you make for me, Rie-chan! While she works hard on making new outfits, I’ll work hard to improve my songwriting skills, too. I hope you’ll cheer us on!
Aya Good job, you two! Maybe we’ll see you again another time after school!