Cyber Q&A

Judy The 6th episode of Popper’s★Lounge is about to start!
Mary This time, we have Cyber on the show with us. He’s very unique, so I’m looking forward to this interview
Aya Well then, it’s nice to see you, Cyber!
Cyber Hey there! I’m Cyber! I’m ready to answer any questions as long as they’re from cute girls♥
Mary Well, I guess you did get a lot of questions and fan calls from girls. So here's a question for you, “What’s Cyber's real name?”
Cyber I can’t tell you that. I’m a hero, so I’ve gotta keep my identity a secret. Got it?
Aya …You’re a hero?
Cyber Are you doubting me? That makes me sad~. I guess that means I’m gonna have to purify you with my “good guy ray gun”
Judy Oh! About that! “How did you get the good guy ray gun? What happens when someone gets shot by it?”
Cyber I was walking around in one of my out-of-this-world outfits when suddenly a UFO crashed into me! The alien in the UFO said, “There’s a hero on this planet! Please cleanse all minds of evil until my UFO is fixed!.” And that’s about it, really. I’m a good guy~!
Any bad guy who gets hit by my ray gun becomes a good guy! I'm a hero for not only the world, but for the peace of the universe!
Mary Well then, “What’s your family like?”
Cyber There’s my mom, my dad, and my older brother. And me. Oh, wait… heroes keep their families a secret, too, don’t they?
Judy This gun is surprisingly heavy… I wonder what its made of.
Cyber Whoa, whoa, whoa! This gun is the only one in this world and the next. You've gotta take good care of it! I'm a gentleman to ladies, though, so I won't get mad at you for it.
Aya “Do you usually wear outfits like that? You’re wearing platform shoes. How tall are they? Are they heavy?” There were a lot of questions about your outfit.
Cyber I usually wear a uniform to school. But the rest of the time I wear something like this! Aren’t these boots cool? They’re 15cm tall and pretty heavy, But new age heroes have to wear these things!
Mary Next up, “Is there anyone you look up to?” I wonder what kind of person Cyber respects.
Cyber Oh, that’s a good question! I really look up to "Toru Kamikaze" and "Hiroshi Jingu". They’re so cool, real heroes among heroes.
Judy I guess you really like heroes, don’t you?
The next question is, "Are you going to take over your family’s hair salon in the future? What are your dreams for the future?"
Cyber Hmm… I like messing with my hair but… I don’t know if being a "charismatic hairdresser" will be that popular once I’m able to work there. What do you guys think? I’d rather go to a fashion school and become a pattern maker. “Charismatic pattern maker” seems like it’ll catch on by then. Oh, but being a hero will be my main job, of course!
Mary I don't think you should choose a job just because it's trendy, but if that's what you want to do, I think you should go for it.
This next question asks, “I heard that you are good at sewing. Are those clothes also handmade?”
Cyber It looks great, doesn’t it? I made it all myself! Well, except for the boots I bought in Harajuku. I'm not satisfied with what I wear unless I make it myself.
Aya “I know your parents run a hair salon, but is that where you get your own hair done?”
Cyber Right on! My brother cuts my hair.
Judy “What are you doing with the controller you’re playing with in your Fever animation?”
Cyber Haha. Because I’m a good guy, in addition to the ray gun, it’s a "must-have hero item" that I had the aliens make for me… It’s really cool. I'll show it to everyone one of these days.
Mary Alright, last question. “What’s Cyber nabe? How do you make Cyber nabe?” was one of the most asked questions we got.
Cyber To put it simply, “Fiber jelly is used for the broth since it’s full of fiber and nutrients and you can choose whatever you want for the ingredients such as shirataki or kuzukiri!” Smells and tastes like the near future, doesn't it?
Judy I wonder if it tastes good...
Aya Thanks for joining us! Please give one last message to your fans!
Cyber Well then, please keep up the good work!
Mary This was fun. Please come back again, Cyber.