Timer Q&A

Mary Merry Christmas!! It’s kinda nice that the last Popper’s★Lounge for 1999 is broadcasting on Christmas Eve.
Judy For our 7th episode, please welcome the (self-proclaimed) devilish fairy of the Pop’n world, Timer!
Aya Come on, Timer! Telling us all kinds of stories would make for a great Christmas present, wouldn’t it?
Timer Merry Christmas! How are you guys doing? Thanks to everyone who bought something at the flea market!
Mary Hey, Timer. We’ve been getting this question a lot, so why don’t you tell us! “Is Timer a man or a woman?”
Timer You’re joking, right? Can’t you tell how much of a manly man I am? I’ll even take my clothes off if that’s what kind of proof you need!
Judy No, no, no! I think they get it, Timer! No need for you to take off your clothes!
Aya Well, then… Many people seem interested in your costumes. This question asks: “I hear that your hobby is cosplay. What kind of cosplay do you like to do? Why do you turn into a bunny girl? Do you like bunnies?”
Timer Hm~? I do a lot of different things, but mostly original designs. I have a whole sketchbook full of ideas! I chose a bunny because it’s the year of the rabbit. Also, I’m not a bunny girl, I’m a bunny boy. Got it?
Judy This next question asks: “how do you make your costumes?”
Timer Everything is custom-made. Sometimes I have the guys in our office's costume production department make them for me.
They're all like, "You're abusing your authority!" But the other day, they made a very sexy and elaborate outfit and told me to wear it, so I did! And I wore it better than anyone else could ever~♥
Mary Speaking of which, Timer. “What do you do besides sing?”
Timer I guess singing and variety show appearances now? I used to do radio and other things, but I've decided to focus a little more on singing. In return, I’ve been putting a lot of energy into my live performances. Please come and see me if you can!
Aya Another question asks: “What foods do you like and dislike?”
Timer I guess I like Japanese food. There isn’t anything in particular that I dislike... Oh, except for fatty meat.
Judy “How do you spend your days off?” was another question we received a lot.
Timer I've been participating in flea markets a lot lately. Oh, as a seller, I mean. You should stop by sometime to buy something!
I also go with others to amusement parks a lot.... Rollercoasters aren't as scary as they seem. They’re actually pretty fun! I guess I was just too much of a ride-hater to find that out until recently!
Mary “What kind of person is Ice?” Oh! Ice is Timer’s producer for those of you who didn’t know.
Timer Ice is a pretty quiet and reserved guy, so he’s often misunderstood by a lot of people. But Ice’s fans wanna know more about him, so you came to the right guy!
Ice So, what were you going to say, Timer?
Timer Huh? Ice? I didn’t know you were gonna be on today’s episode.
Aya We had so many requests for Ice to be on the show that we asked him to be on standby. But don’t worry! Ice will be a guest on a future episode!
Ice Hello! Since this is Timer’s episode, I’ll just stay over here and be quiet.
Aya OK! Since you’re so social and have a lot of friends, Timer, we got a lot of questions asking if you’re good friends with Yuli’s band and other artists in the Pop’n world?
Timer I just met Yuli recently for a photoshoot for a summer greeting card, but he seems nice. And like, once you meet someone then you guys are friends, right?
Judy You wrote Nyami’s name in the ‘likes’ section of your profile, so this question asks, “What do you like about Nyami?”
Timer W-What do you mean? What isn’t there to like~♥
Nyami You’re not saying ‘cus you’re too embarrassed!
Timer Now Nyami’s here!? I mean, its always nice to see you but what are you doing here?
Nyami I was recording in the studio next door. Anyway, I gotta go now! Ciao!
Mary Let’s see… One more question, "What are your plans for Christmas this year?"
Timer Maybe I’ll have a yaminabe* party this year? Or maybe a cyber nabe party! You’re all invited!!
Judy Huh? I haven't even said I'm in yet, Timer!
Mary It’s no use, Judy. He’s not gonna listen.
Aya We should go! It sounds fun, doesn't it? Finally, please leave a message for your fans, Timer!
Timer Merry Xmas! and Happy New Year!! Happy New Year to everyone~♥
Ice Sorry if I interrupted the episode…
Mary It was so lively with everyone here! Make sure to tune in for the next episode!
Aya I had so much fun I lost track of time! This must be how Timer feels.
Judy What a great way to ring in Christmas and the New Year! We’ll be back next year for even more interviews!

*yaminabe is a Japanese-style hot-pot “dish” made with random ingredients that are brought by each person who eats the dish. It is called “yaminabe (dark hot pot)” because you don’t know what ingredients other people will bring.