Mimi & Nyami Q&A

Judy On this New Year's special edition of Popper’s★Lounge, please welcome the faces of Pop’n themselves as our next guests!
Mimi Happy New Year! Did everyone have their first dream of the year? I'm Mimi!
Nyami Happy New Year! Did you win the lottery? I’m Nyami!
Mary Welcome Mimi and Nyami. We’re so glad you made enough time in your busy schedules to be here. Okay, let’s start with the questions. “How did you two meet?”
Mimi We first met at the Pop'n Music auditions.
Nyami Somehow we both made it to the final round, and we ended up forming a duo.
Mimi Not the most exciting story, is it?
Aya The next question is, "What do you two think of each other's personalities and hobbies?”
Mimi Nyami's the best! She’s very talented and I love how masculine she is♥
Nyami Thanks! Mimi has the best personality~♥
Judy Masculine!?
Aya She means her personality, Judy.
Judy Oh, really? Had me scared for a second. This next question asks, “Have you two ever had a fight?”
Mimi We’ve had our disagreements but nothing major. I try not to get into fights anyway.
Nyami With how riled up I can get; I could be brawl leader*.
Judy Brawl leader? The Japanese language is very deep.
Aya I think you’re just confused by the weird vocabulary of these two, Judy.
Mary Okay, next question. “What kind of TV shows do you two appear on? Do you two sing as well?”
Nyami It’s a show with all sorts of things. Its got dialogue, singing, tears, face-to-face action, generous donations from viewers, and more drama than you could ever ask for!
Mimi It's more like a variety show. We invite guests and have fun! In a way, it’s kinda like Popper’s Lounge.
Nyami And it’s not one of those shows competing for the timeslot if that’s anything!
Mimi Of course we both sing, too~ We’re idols, after all!
Judy Wow! You guys really do everything! We’ve been getting a lot of questions asking, “Are two long braids hard to maintain?”
Nyami I leave it up to the hair and makeup artists~ They do a great job!
Mimi I do hair treatments every day and try to get 12 hours of sleep.
Nyami Mimi, you're full of lies.
Mimi Huh? I’m telling the truth! A girl’s hair is the most important thing!
Aya I'm more curious about how Mary takes care of her hair. Well, okay. Next question! “It’s hard to tell, but do you have a tail?”
That’s secret. Super secret.
Mary This question asks, “Who is Nyami's darling? Do you usually call Timer "darling"?”
Mimi Of course she does! I’m really proud of her for it. With how idol culture is, it’s really hard to do that kind of stuff.
Nyami Why are you answering, Mimi?
Mimi I know how shy you can get when talking about this, so I answered for you. Friends have each other’s backs, right?
Nyami I'm so lucky to have someone as thoughtful as you! Umm… let’s move on.
What’s that question you have there? “Is there anyone else you are friends with?”
Judy (She totally dodged the question…) Are you good friends with Uncle Jam?
Nyami Uncle Jam and I play Beatmania a lot! I always win the battles.
Mimi Other than that, Timer, flea market friends... I play a lot of games with Dino....
Nyami But we're basically friends with everyone.
Mimi Yeah! Love & Peace♥
Aya Then, "Who are your rivals?"
Nyami P-1&P-2? Their intense retorts seem genuine.
Mimi Pretty? Only because we’re both rabbits.
Mary “How do you spend your days off?”
Nyami I usually go to the amusement park! I think the roller coasters are a lot of fun!
Mimi I'm either playing with my pets at home or playing Pop’n at the arcade.
Judy And finally, "A word to the fans!"
Mimi Whether you're a beginner, light popper, or heavy popper, we're always waiting for you to join our Pop'n Party! Come on out and have fun!
Nyami Thank you for playing with us! Let's all continue to have fun with Pop’n and aim for 3000 years!
Aya Mimi, Nyami, we look forward to working with you more this year. Please come back soon!

*the word that was used here was ケンカ番長 (kenka banchō) which translates to something along the lines of a delinquent that’s the leader in a fight, but brawl leader was the only thing I could think of to make it sound natural and have it make sense