HELLO! POP'N MUSIC Translations

During the early days of the spin-off game HELLO! POP’N MUSIC, each time you played using your e-amusement card, you would be able to receive one email a day from the character you played as. The service began on April 1st, 2011 and ended on March 31st, 2012, when the e-amusement pass member site for the game shut down. Between all eleven playable characters, there were a total of 110 emails (10 emails per character).

Unfortunately, not many of the emails have been archived due to the end of the service. Rie-chan, Milk, Yuli, Ash, and Smile’s emails exist online in their entirety, and MZD’s first four emails have been posted online. All that remains of the rest of the emails are very brief summaries and small snippets.

Here you will find translated versions of currently available emails in the visual style of the original emails. All sources are linked at the bottom of the page.







Email 5: The theme of this year's Beatmania IIDX is "connection"
Email 6: How Hello Pop’n came to be
Email 7: MZD is a god
Email 8: Announcing the top three most difficult songs in Hello Pop’n
Email 9: Which song is actually the most difficult?
Email 10: End of the story lol

Other info about the emails:
- Some of MZD’s emails tell us the story behind Hello Pop’n
- MZD’s top 3 most difficult songs in Hello Pop’n are 3. Sumidagawa karenka, 2. Tentei otoko no ko hen, 1. Kyoufu no unou kaikaku

Other characters mentioned in emails: Hatena, Wife(?), ALT, Smile, Yuli, Nyami, DJ YOSHITAKA, U1, Seiya Murai


Email 1: Tsundere
Email 2: You can't give up at the last minute.
Email 3: Tsundere 2
Email 4: The story of my twin sister
Email 5: Tsundere 3
Email 6: -It still hurts so much-
Email 7: I found a kitten
Email 8: Kitten naming ceremony

      > “I’ve decided on a name for the kitten… Lucifer… The white fallen angel… haha”

Email 9: Lucifer vs. Shishamo
Email 10: Finally, my twin sister…!?

Other characters mentioned in emails: Ratte, Belle, Shishamo, Satou-san


Email 1: Nice to meet you
Email 2: Shishamo has hay fever
Email 3: Fishing date
Email 4: Fishing date 2
Email 5: CD Present
Email 6: Hana-chan is here
Email 7: Hana-chan 2
Email 8: Hana-chan 3
Email 9: Satou-san eats canned cat food
Email 10: I'm going back to the countryside

Other characters mentioned in emails: Hana-chan


Email 1: Nice to meet you
Email 2: A humanoid rabbit buying stuffed rabbit
Email 3: Pyjama party
Email 4: Round One advertisement

      > “Did you know there’s "Pop’n Music" without "HELLO!”? …… Yes, yes, you can find them in a big arcade and bowling alley called Round One”

Email 5: Mimi talks about the song 'Sumidagawa Karenka'
Email 6: Mimi × Nyami
Email 7: An email from Sumire

      > Sumire’s message: "I have some very important plans today! I better leave soon or Mutsuki will... Hey! Don't get the wrong idea... It's not a date!"

Email 8: White fallen angel lol
Email 9: Vampires and rabbits drinking tomato juice
Email 10: What? Another Pop'n Party overseas?

Other info about the emails:
- connected to Nyami’s emails (two perspectives on the same scenarios)

Other characters mentioned in emails: Nyami, Sumire, Lotte, Milk, Yuli


Email 1: Nice to meet you
Email 2: So fluffy
Email 3: Nyami is anti-Round One
Email 4: Cherry blossom viewing with my darling
Email 5: Talking about smooooch
Email 6: Nyami × Mimi
Email 7: Nyami was the one who chose Sumire
Email 8: Voicemail
Email 9: Mimi and Nyami's eyes in Hello Pop'n Music look funny because they put in color contacts
Email 10: Are you going overseas after all?

Other info about the emails:
- connected to Mimi’s emails (two perspectives on the same scenarios)
- 8th email is an audio recording and characters in the email have some spoken lines
      - "In addition to Nyami, the other characters in the voicemail speak too, albeit in a few lines"
            — author of sakha.blog.shinobi.jp
- the inclusion of Sumire, Mutsuki, and Alphonse Michel in these emails is related to the 'Hello! NIGHT PARTY' cards. In the production comment from Aonisai on the left half of the card set (Sumire and Mutsuki’s card), she talks about prom and that the story behind the illustration is in one of Nyami’s emails.

Other characters mentioned in emails: Mimi, Timer, MZD
(Sumire, Mutsuki, Alphonse Michel, and Akemi Koyama in email 8's audio)


Email 1: Teasing
Email 2: What is a Virtual Diva?
Email 3: Eternal diva
Email 4: VB seems to have changed her look because she’s preforming in the U.S.
Email 5: Mysterious medicine for adults
Email 6: Talking about pop’n virtual characters
Email 7: Stuck in a loop…
Email 8: Michel is here
Email 9: Touch your heart
Email 10: Eternal Diva 2

Other info about the emails:
- “According to VB's thoughts, Flow Flow was born from the heart that was created in the projector when the electronic circuit in the projector fell in love with someone”
      — author of sakha.blog.shinobi.jp

Other characters mentioned in emails: Decolla, Flow Flow, Alphonse Michel, Ophelia(?)