Waku Waku! Pop'n Manga (わくわく! ポップンマンガ) was a 4 panel manga series that was published weekly through Konami's paid mobile site, KonamiNet DX. The series had 934 episodes published during its run from August 25th, 2006, to March 23rd, 2012. Since the manga was hidden behind a paywall, most of manga has been lost to time since KonamiNet DX ended its service.

A select few of the episodes were published in Konami Style's short-lived Pop'n Music Magazine, though these magazines were only available for purchase through Konami on a first-come, first-serve basis and the 5th and final issue was only able to be purchased with Konami Points.

Here you will find translated versions of currently available episodes. All images are from this Google Photos library unless otherwise specified.



Episode 90: W Shock (Double Shock)
Episode 251: Nickname
Episode 386: I dont want to be like everyone else!!  
Episode 717: The Lightning-Fast Man  
Episode 737: This is Definitely Normal
Episode 880: Selfish Princess  
Episode 903: It's Not Just For Show
Episode 906: Hide and Seek on a Snowy Day   Source
Pop'n Music Magazine #5 Exclusive: Riders Championship