Popper's Lounge

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This is the talk show portion of the dance program hosted by Judy, Aya, and myself. In these segments, we get to bring some Pop'n Music characters on as guests to answer fans' questions! It's a chance to hear all the latest details about your favourite Poppers.
Please enjoy all 34 of our on-air episodes!
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  Episode 1『Mary, Judy, Aya』

  Episode 2『Shollkee』

  Episode 3『Megumi-chan』

  Episode 4『Ash』

  Episode 5『Rie-chan, Sanae-chan』

  Episode 6『Cyber』

  Episode 7『Timer』

  Episode 8『Poet』

  Episode 9『Mimi, Nyami』

  Episode 10『Ice, Bamboo?, P-1&P-2』

  Episode 11『Karli』

  Episode 12『Ling Ling』

  Episode 13『Sugi-kun, Reo-kun』

  Episode 14『Dami-Yan, Donna』

  Episode 15『The King, KoKo, Dia』

  Episode 16『Candy』

  Episode 17『Toru Kamikaze, Hiroshi Jingu』

  Episode 18『Kate』

  Episode 19『Uncle Jam, Olivia』

  Episode 20『S.8. Taro』

  Episode 21『Yuli』

  Episode 22『MZD』

  Episode 23『Jyun & Shingo』

  Episode 24『Henry』

  Episode 25『Ice (2nd time)』

  Episode 26『Elle』

  Episode 27『Mayumi』

  Episode 28『Pal, Cyber (2nd time)』

  Episode 29『Yuki』

  Episode 30『Ash (2nd time)』

  Episode 31『Rave Girl』

  Episode 32『Tourmaline』

  Episode 33『NK2000』

  Episode 34『Smile』