Answers to questions you may have about this website!

★Why did you make this site?

I wanted to make this site because there aren't many sources like these for Pop'n Music content (especially in english) and I wanted a way to view images and gifs without being bombarded by ads.

Also because it's fun!

★Why make this site when the Pop'n Music Fandom Wiki already exists?

Personally, I don't like using the fandom wiki. I don't have a problem with the moderators, admins, or anyone else contributing to the Pop'n wiki, I think they do a great job of keeping the wiki organized. My problem is with the fandom wiki website itself.

I'm not a big fan of the layout and how the ads there cover half the page (or more if you're view the site on mobile). I understand that the site needs ads to run but I really think there's a better way to incorporate them into the layout without making the site extremely painful to use.

And again, because it's fun!

★Can I use the images/gifs/translations from your site?

Of course! No need to credit or link back to this site for images/gifs but it's always appreciated!

I only ask that if you would like to add my translations to another wiki (fandom wiki, miraheze, etc), ask for my permission first and run it by someone who is more knowledgeable of Japanese than I am. My translations are a combination of my own knowledge and a translator, so they may not be 100% correct! I only ask this because those are sources that are more known than my site and I wouldn't want people to be told false information due to a mistranslation.

As for personal sites, no need to ask for permission to use them but credit would still be very much apperciated!!

★I want to add a link to your website on my site. Do you have a button?

Right here!

New button:

Old button:

site name: Pop'n Music Database

url: popnmusicdatabase.neocities.org