★Sumire's Secrets and Concept Art★

★Exclusive First Look!★


●Sumire's Initial Design●

Her initial design was drawn on the
corner of a notepad.

In this design she had an armband,
a sabre, and laced boots.

She looks a little younger here.

The face and hair seem to have
remained the same.


▲Sumire's Military Uniform and Accessories

1P looks to be wearing an army uniform, 2P is rumored
to be a policewoman...

When the final look was being decided on, there
were many ideas for accessories.

None were chosen though. Sabres are too painful,
binoculars didn't feel right, and a clipboard felt too old-school.

In the end, we're left with the design that we see today.

*UP-UP* 02 

                ▲Black-eared Rabbits

The black-eared rabbit's real name is Up-Up.

They are actually pure white rabbits, but their ears
are very weak and sensitive so they usually wear
"ear socks" to protect them.


▲Young Sumire and Up-Up

Sumire met them when she found
them abandoned in a cardboard box
on her way home from kindergarten.

From then on, they've never left Sumire's side.

They've grown up with Sumire and
she has taken good care of them.


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